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FMCA Members living in the Mid-Atlantic States

We  typically consider home to be states within a radius of the Capitol in Washington, DC  -  Maryland, Northern and Eastern Shore Virginia, Delaware, Eastern West Virginia, Southern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey.

Love the RV life style and sharing it with others

Monthly rallies within our home states from April through November help us maximize use of our RV's while enjoying a wide variety of sights, food and fun with friends.

Fully enjoy FMCA member benefits

FMCA is a member owned and operated association which focuses on providing a wide variety of services to its members.

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We're part of FMCA's Eastern Area

We're just one of several FMCA regional chapters that enjoy participating in the Great Eastern Area Rally (GEAR) each October.  In 2019, we'll be supporting the International Rally in Perry, GA in lieu of hosting GEAR.

FMCA International Rally - Perry, GA

2018-2019 Events

Upcoming Events You Might Enjoy

No upcoming events.

Celebrating the Life of a Friend - November 2018

Coming together to remember a friend

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